Friday, August 16, 2013

Kawaguchi Haruna to star in her first primetime drama this fall

Young actress Kawaguchi Haruna has been announced to play the starring in the upcoming TBS fall drama 'Otto no Kanojo'. It's Kawaguchi's first lead role in a prime time drama, which is a fantasy-comedy based on a novel by Kakiya Miu with the script written by Egashira Michiru ('Gokusen'). 

The story is about Yamagishi Hoshimi (Kawaguchi), an only child who lost her father at an young age and was raised only by her mother, who works as a temporary worker at a large company. Her boss Komatsubara Mugitaro - played by Tanabe Seiichi - supports her a lot with her goal to become a regular employee soon. Mugitaro's wife Hishiko - played by Suzuki Sawa - believes that her husband is having an affair with his subordinate Hoshimi due to his high interest in her and decides to meet her personally. At this moment, Hoshimi and Hishiko collide and happen to swap bodies. After the first confusion, they decide to continue to live the lives of each other for the moment. Mugitaro doesn't know about this strange occurrence and is more than bewildered about the completely different reactions from his "girlfriend" and his wife.

Mugitaro and Hishiko's son is played by popular child actor Suzuki Fuku. TBS plans to air 'Otto no Kanojo' every Thursday at 9:00 pm starting in October.


Haruna in Soup Magazine

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[Blog] August 16, 2013 "How?"

On October's Thursdays at 9:00 pm

Like some of you may know, I will appear on "Otto no Kanojo"

it's about a housewife played by Suzuki Sawa, who has a misunderstood with my character, and somehow we ended changing bodies.

So my character will be inside of a 39 years old woman! (laughs)

It's funny
but I think they changed bodies for a reason
they have to regain something that both forgotten
and give that to someone, such as a warm feeling
that is the story
I think!

And I wish you all can watch this new drama, it would mean a lot!

Thank you!

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